Autism Baby

Autism Baby is an education program for autistic boys and girls and young adults of all ages that has been in existence for fifteen years.  We are not a school.  We teach private one-hour sessions at our Nonverbal Consciousness Center for Autistic Children with the child and one or both of his/her parents.

Our clients, before coming to us, have usually tried many of the different types of therapies for autism, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, educational therapy, physical therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapies, and still felt frustrated with the results they were getting.  As parents participate in our program, they tell us they acquire a completely different understanding of who their child is.  We have clients who drive or fly in from other cities, because they realize that there isn’t another program like ours. 

Session Scheduling Details
We require that the child attend a minimum of four hourly sessions a month when we first start working with the child, and then if we feel the child is making enough progress, he or she can scale down to two sessions a month.  The first session is a consultation with the parents.  There is no charge for this initial session, because we want parents to get a feel for how different our program is, and we have to see if it is a good fit for us as well.

Parent Participation in the Sessions
We teach private one-hour sessions with the child and one or both of his/her parents, so that while we teach the child about his nonverbal consciousness and nonverbal thinking, his parent(s) can learn why nonverbal thinking socialization is so important for the development of their autistic child, and how different nonverbal thinking and nonverbal socialization is from verbal thinking and verbal socialization.  Parents are asked to participate in the session by attempting to do the nonverbal exercises along with the child. 

We include parents in the session because although parents are not at fault for the lack of socialization their children with nonverbal consciousnesses get, they are part of the equation, and need to see how important it is for their children who have a nonverbal consciousness to get nonverbal input and nonverbal thinking socialization instead of verbal input and verbal socialization from as young an age as possible. 

It is important for the first few sessions that the parent(s) come with their child to get an understanding of how our program works, and then later if we feel like the child can handle the sessions on his own, the parents do not have to attend with the child.  Parents who still want to continue to participate along with the child in sessions with the proper attitude toward the importance of nonverbal socialization, are encouraged to do so.  

 Autism Baby