Autism Baby

Suzanne's Mission and Approach to Autism

My beliefs and theories are based on my own life experience, and my work with autistic children for the past fifteen years.  They are not based on any autism research conducted since 1938 when people first started to become aware of autism, because I don’t agree with the conclusions from that research.  I believe in scientific research in general, but I also believe that in order for it to be valid, scientific research should not start with a false premise or hypothesis, and I believe that is what has happened over and over again in autism research. 

I believe autistic children do not have an inborn disorder called autism that requires a cure.  They are born normal with what I define as a nonverbal consciousness, and go into an autistic state when they are treated as though they have what I define as a verbal consciousness, and are socialized with verbal thinking.  This autistic state is reversible over time, if the child’s nonverbal consciousness is recognized and validated, and the child is socialized using nonverbal thinking instead of verbal thinking.  This is what I do at The Nonverbal Consciousness Center for Autistic Children.

I embrace the fact that the child has a nonverbal consciousness, acknowledge his perceptions, and provide a methodology that suits his analytical thinking process given those perceptions. This helps the child utilize his intellect, and builds the confidence he needs in order to be a successful, independent-minded person.

A Second Valid Consciousness
In the world, there is a general consensus that there is only one legitimate normal consciousness.  I call this consciousness, the verbal consciousness.  I believe that two legitimate consciousnesses exist, and that a person can be born with either one.  I call this other legitimate normal consciousness, a nonverbal consciousness, because very simply it is “not verbal” and does not function anything like the verbal consciousness.  By doing this, I realize I have completely redefined the terms people know as verbal and nonverbal.  I do not mean verbal in the traditional sense where verbal refers to oral speech, and nonverbal refers to no speech, or forms of communication like hand gestures, facial expressions, and other movements that people make without using speech. 

The Current Treatments For Autism
Autistic children are currently being raised as abnormal children with verbal consciousnesses.  The child with a nonverbal consciousness is first raised in the home by his parents as though he has a verbal consciousness, and then when he starts to show the signs of autism, the treatments for autism continue to treat him like he has a verbal consciousness, and like he is a low functioning verbal thinker. 

Ironically, the current treatments for autism involve the intense conditioning of the child in verbal thinking.  In my opinion, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapies do not acknowledge the existence of a nonverbal consciousness, and actually attempt to give the child who has a nonverbal consciousness a verbal consciousness instead.  When the child undergoes treatments like these, he continues to stay in an autistic state, and can never develop into the normal person with a nonverbal consciousness that he could be.  In my opinion, all of these therapies assume that the autistic child has a verbal consciousness, and that he will benefit from being given verbal explanations, when really he has a nonverbal consciousness, is a nonverbal thinker, and requires nonverbal explanations. 

Human Rights Advocate – The Right To Not Be Disabled

I do not believe people have the right to systematically socialize a child in a way that will have such a negative effect on him, he will not be able to develop into the normal person he has the potential to be.  At the present time this is what is happening to children who are born with a nonverbal consciousness.  Children with a nonverbal consciousness should have the right to develop their minds early on as children so they don’t have to become disabled people later on.  Every nonverbal child should have the opportunity to develop his thinking from as young an age as possible. 

My approach is very different from the current behavioral treatments for autism where autistic children are treated as though they have a verbal consciousness and are forced to be verbal thinkers, which only allows their autistic state to continue, and the child’s misery to continue.  Letting autistic children live the rest of their lives in an autistic state by continuing behavioral treatments or other forms of verbal socialization on them, all the while hoping and waiting for a “cure for autism,” is in my opinion, cruel and inhumane when nonverbal socialization is available, and can lead to his developing into a happy, successful, independent-minded person.   

It is my mission to bring awareness to the existence of the nonverbal consciousness, so that autistic children do not have to suffer in the way they presently are, and they can get the help they need in order to develop into functional, happy, and productive people. 

© 2017 Suzanne Alexander